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    1. Hongyan Genlyon 6×4 Tipper TruckHongyan Genlyon 6×4 tipper truck's cast steel bridge comes with strong carrying capacity. The tipper truck has the widest frame in China with width up to 865mm. Due to the use of advanced surface treatment with electrophoresis paint, the 6×4 tipper truck has an outstanding anti-corrosion performance. The 6×4 tipper truck has its beam ...
    1. Hongyan Genlyon 8×4 Tipper TruckThe Hongyan Genlyon 8×4 tipper truck is made with the currently widest frame of 865mm. It has the best anticorrosion system due to the electrophoresis paint process. The 8×4 tipper truck has strong carrying capacity due to its cast steel bridge with high strength and its beam with good bending resistance ...
    1. Hongyan Genlyon 8×4 Cargo TruckThe Hongyan Genlyon 8×4 cargo truck has the single beam frame of 305 x 80 with high strength, lightweight, finely designed and strictly tested. The 8×4 cargo truck has V-type thrust rod with crossing bolt. The excellent performance of C9 engine can effectively reduce brake shoe abrasion. WABCO and ABS braking system assure ...
    1. Hongyan Genlyon 6×4 TractorSteering : ZF Imported Hydraulic Power Steering With Variable Ratio
      Drive axle : Single Reduction 4.11/4.625 Twin Reduction 4.42/4.8/5.73
      Specification above is just for reference. To make order, please contact us ...
    1. Hongyan Kingkan 6×4 Tipper Truck The Hongyan Kingkan 6×4 tipper truck has high carrying capacity with its bending resisting beam. Also, the cast steel bridge of 6×4 tipper truck has high strength, providing the truck with strong transport capability. The tipper truck is made with the widest frame of 865mm manufactured in China. It has excellent anticorrosion system due ...
    1. Hongyan Kingkan 8×4 Tipper TruckThe Hongyan Kingkan 8×4 tipper truck has more than 15 tons capacity with a resistant bending beam that allows more capacity loading. It has a cast steel bridge made with strong carrying capability as well. This tipper truck has good anticorrosion system because it goes through an electrophoresis paint process. The 8×4 tipper truck ...
    1. Tractor UnitOur tractor unit introduces the European advanced technology of truck. In respect of its particular and attractive appearance, continuous reliability and high security in consistency with European standard, it leads the truck industry of China to move on a new stage.
    1. Dump TruckOur dump truck incorporates advanced IVECO's European design and technology. It makes truck industry of China step into a new realm based on its cabin in European style, exclusive axle, distinguished vehicle painting and overall reliability. Variable designs of cargo body can be selected in consistence with the complicated road conditions.
    1. Genlyon Euro III 6×4 Cargo Truck Our 6×4 cargo truck adopts full floating, double reduction Steyr cast steel driving axles and 9JS119 transmission. Designed with environmental protection in mind, it conforms to Euro III standards. So it is completely safe to use for the environment. This cargo truck is durable and reliable, and also provides a comfortable cab.
    1. Genlyon Euro III 8×4 Cargo Truck The Kingkan Euro III 8×4 cargo truck is configured with SFH's cursor engine that features excellent power performance. Its firm cargo body can be designed in different styles, facilitating wonderful transportation with high efficiency and cost efficiency.
    1. Genlyon Euro IV 6×4 Cargo Truck Our 6×4 cargo truck adopts full floating, double reduction Steyr cast steel driving axles and 10JSD140A transmission. Designed with environmental protection in mind, it conforms to Euro IV standards.
    1. Genlyon Euro IV 8×4 Cargo Truck Our 8×4 cargo truck adopts WD615.50 engine, uses single plateΦD430mm large diaphragm spring clutch, and conforms to Euro II emission standards.
    1. Special Truck These special trucks can be used to transport materials with different properties and in different states, e.g.: liquid, gaseous and bulk materials, granules; livestock, poultry, fish and other animals; toxic, inflammable and explosive goods.

SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN Commercial Vehicle Company is an ISO9001:2000 certified heavy duty truck manufacturer in China. We primarily specialize in the production of tractor unit, dump trucks, cargo trucks, concrete mixing trucks and tanker trucks etc. Our dump trucks are widely used to transport materials for construction. Our concrete mixing trucks can move concrete from plant to building site. Our tanker trucks are ideally suited for carrying liquids or gases on roads.
With over 40 years of consistent hard work, we have won the trust and praise of our customers for the quality, low prices, and customer service that we provide. Currently our heavy trucks are very popular with customers in the Angola, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, to name a few.
We are more than happy to assist you with your needs of tractor unit, cargo trucks, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information!