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    1. Genlyon Euro III 6×4 Cargo Truck Our 6×4 cargo truck adopts full floating, double reduction Steyr cast steel driving axles and 9JS119 transmission. Designed with environmental protection in mind, it conforms to Euro III standards...
    1. Genlyon Euro III 8×4 Cargo Truck The Kingkan Euro III 8×4 cargo truck is configured with SFH's cursor engine that features excellent power performance. Its firm cargo body can be designed in different styles...
    1. Genlyon Euro IV 6×4 Cargo Truck Our 6×4 cargo truck adopts full floating, double reduction Steyr cast steel driving axles and 10JSD140A transmission. Designed with environmental protection in mind, it conforms to Euro IV standards.
    1. Genlyon Euro IV 8×4 Cargo Truck Our 8×4 cargo truck adopts WD615.50 engine, uses single plateΦD430mm large diaphragm spring clutch, and conforms to Euro II emission standards.

Cargo Truck

A cargo truck, as its name suggests, is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo. Generally, trucks vary greatly in size and power. Commercial trucks can be very large, and may be powered by either gasoline or diesel engines. Today, diesel cargo truck is the most commonly used cargo truck. In addition, CNG cargo truck and electric cargo truck are also widely used.

We are a reliable cargo truck manufacturer in China. With engine options up to 360hp, our Hongyan XinDaKang cargo trucks are ready to get the hard work done. As they are energy efficient and fully in accordance with Euro II emission standards, our cargo trucks are energy saving and environmentally friendly. High-strength frame, 13, 16-Ton driving axles and solid chassis all combine to ensure the high carrying capacity of our trucks. Besides, our cargo trucks adopt spacious Hongyan HY2003 full floating cab, to provide the driver with maximum comfort. Moreover, four independent braking systems are used to ensure the safety of our cargo trucks.

Key Characteristics
High Safety
1. Four independent braking systems
Our cargo trucks adopt four direct-operated pneumatic braking systems (front axle brake, rear axle brake, parking emergency brake, engine auxiliary brake), with automatic clearance adjustment. This, coupled with modern brake devices like ABS, makes your driving highly reliable and safe.
2. Wide-angle rearview mirror
The luxury wide-angel rearview mirror provides the driver with unobstructed all-around visibility, further assuring driving safety.
Aesthetic Design
1. Our cargo trucks are outlined with full and smooth lines, which better meets aerodynamic principles and greatly reduces the drag coefficient, thus significantly improving fuel economy.
2. Luxury and stylish integral bumper, elegant high-brightness headlights.
3. New soft interior and dashboard are both aesthetic and practical; detachable combination instrument is convenient to repair and maintain.
4. Electric window regulator, central electric control door lock
Optimal Comfort
1. A new full floating cab featuring reduced vibration and high strength is adopted to offer a high level of comfort for drivers
2. Spacious and comfortable interior room
All-steel metal hard top, adjustable leather seats, widened sleeping berth, the width of interior room can achieve 2.2m.
The audio visual equipment delivers crisp messages and vivid images to help you enjoy your journey.
Thanks to two-stage pedal, the driver can enter the cab more conveniently and easily.

To fulfill various needs of our customers, SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN Commercial Vehicle Company has been committed to producing a wide range of heavy duty trucks, including cargo trucks, dump trucks, tractor unit and some special trucks. In order to offer our customers the quality they expect from HONGYAN products, we utilize the internationally advanced technology from Italian IVECO, and strictly implement the ISO9001:2000 quality management system. Hence, the quality of our products is ensured.
If you are interested in our heavy duty trucks, we welcome you to contact us!

Heavy Duty Truck
    1. Special Truck These special trucks can be used to transport materials with different properties and in different states, e.g.: liquid, gaseous and bulk materials, granules; livestock, poultry, fish and other animals; toxic, inflammable and explosive goods.