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    1. Tractor Truck 6×4 Our 6×4 tractor trucks include three types of tractor trucks, that is, Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II , Hongyan Tampa Euro III , and Hongyan Genlyon National III . Hongyan XinDaKang tractor trucks and Hongyan Tampa tractor trucks adopt Germany ZF CQ8111D rotary valve steering gear and full floating, double reduction Steyr cast steel driving axle. Hence ...
    1. Tractor Truck 4×2 Our 4×2 tractor trucks include Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II tractor truck and Hongyan Tampa Euro III tractor truck. The former adopts specially-designed Hongyan XinDaKang cab and the latter use Hongyan Tampa cab. They all use Φ430mm single plate large diaphragm spring clutch and Fuller 9-speed transmission ...

Tractor Truck

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

A tractor truck is an articulated vehicle composed of a towing engine or tractor and a trailer that carries the freight. The tractor and trailer are detachable, that is, the tractor can be used to haul other trailers, or vice versa. According to connection type of tractor and trailer, there are full trailer and semi trailer. A full trailer is a trailer that is supported by front and rear axles and pulled by a drawbar. A semi trailer is a trailer that has no front axle and is supported by a road tractor.

SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN mainly produces three types of tractor trucks: Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II tractor trucks, Hongyan Tampa Euro III tractor trucks and Hongyan Genlyon National III tractor trucks.

Characteristics of Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II Tractor Truck
1. Our XinDaKang tractor truck is designed and built on the basis of our traditional heavy duty trucks, which is fashionable, graceful and practical.
2. The chassis is optimized by domestic and overseas experts, resulting in higher quality.
3. Designed with safety in mind, our tractor truck fully conforms to European safety standards. Besides, this vehicle has passed the frontal-impact crash test, making you feel secure in using it.
4. Thanks to the use of U.S. technology high-performance dual flexible shaft, gear shifting is easily accomplished, thus greatly improving riding comfort.
5. XinDaKang full floating cab with spacious interior is designed to maximize drivers' comfort.
6. Our unique double-reduction cast steel axle features strong bearing capacity and high durability, and thus it is reckoned as a famous brand by users.
7. High-strength alloy frame adopts ladder-type structure and provides great strength and rigidity, with improved anti-bending and anti-torsion capacity.
8. Equipped with 9, 12-speed transmission, our XinDaKang Euro II tractor truck can suit all road conditions.
9. The adoption of German technology ZF steering gear makes vehicle steering more reliable and flexible.
10. Φ180 transmission shaft with transverse tooth has the advantages of high drive torque, high efficiency and low abrasion, ensuring power transmission.
11. The use of new technology: newly-designed head light, which is waterproof, dustproof, airtight and high-brightness; Germany WABCOABS system, reliable and stable; self-adjusting arm for brake clearance is used for reliable braking; brake pipes adopt anti-corrosion steel pipes and high-performance flexible pipes, suitable for use in an alpine environment.

Characteristics of Hongyan Tampa Euro III Tractor Truck
1. Spacious Hongyan Tampa cab adopts new anti-bump suspension device to provide drivers with a high level of comfort.
2. Hongyan cast steel axle is solid, durable, and features high bearing capacity.
3. This tractor truck can be equipped with axles of 4.11 axle ratio to effectively improve speed and lower fuel consumption.
4. New-type air intake system is used to reduce fuel consumption, thus saving operating cost.
5. Integrated combination instrument, contact-type weak-current sensor, CAN bus fault automatic detection and driving state recording system, all combine to realize the upgrading of our national III tractor trucks.
6. New electrical connectors are airtight, waterproof and dustproof, which greatly improve the reliability of the electrical system. New-structure high-brightness headlights are also used.
7. The ladder-type structure high-strength alloy frame features great strength and rigidity.
8. The use of self-adjusting arm, self-lubricating gasket and the adoption of Germany WABCOABS system make our tractor truck reliable and convenient to use.

As a tractor truck manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN Commercial Vehicle Company provide 6×4 tractor trucks and 4×2 tractor trucks for you to choose from. Besides, we also offer dump trucks, cargo trucks and some special trucks, to suit your various needs. To better serve our customers, we offer technical support and supply samples of our heavy trucks for your convenience.
If you are interested in our heavy duty trucks, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are certain that you will be satisfied with our products.

Heavy Duty Truck
    1. Dump Truck Our dump truck incorporates advanced IVECO's European design and technology. It makes truck industry of China step into a new realm based on its cabin in European style, exclusive axle, distinguished vehicle painting and overall reliability.