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    1. Dump Truck 4×2 Our 4×2 dump truck is designed to provide fuel economy and ease of maintenance to users. It adopts Hongyan XinDaKang cab and German ZF CQ8111D rotary valve steering gear for great comfort and high reliability. With this you will quickly and easily get the job down ...
    1. Dump Truck 6×4 This dump truck is a heavy duty truck whose driving type is 6×4. To meet your varying requirements, we offer Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II dump trucks, Hongyan XinDaKang Euro III dump trucks and Hongyan Tampa Euro III dump trucks for you to choose from. These tippers use German ZF CQ8111D rotary valve ...
    1. Dump Truck 8×4 Our dump trucks 8×4 includes Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II dump truck, Hongyan Tampa Euro II dump truck and Hongyan Genlyon National III dump truck. These products utilize German ZF steering gear. Hongyan XinDaKang tipper is equipped with WD615.44 (330Hp) engine, while Hongyan Tampa tipper adopts an engine ...

Dump Truck

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

A dump truck or a tipper is a truck designed to transport loose materials for construction. It is commonly equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed, whose front can be lifted to unload the contents. A dump truck mainly consists of a chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, compartment, and power take off device. It is usually used in combination with other construction equipment such as an excavator, loader or belt conveyor, to handle and transport soil, sand and gravel.

Dump trucks can be classified into many types, for example:
By drive mode, there are hydraulic dump truck and mechanical drive dump truck.
By application, there are farm dump truck, mining dump truck, garbage dump truck, and coal dump truck.
According to tilt direction of dump body, there are side dump truck and front lifting dump truck. The side dump truck can carry more weight and allows rapid unloading.
However, if classifying by other methods, dump trucks can still be divided into many other types, including articulated dump truck, semi trailer end dump truck, off-road dump truck, and more.

SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN Commercial Vehicle Company is an experienced dump truck manufacturer in China. Our tippers are made in accordance with related national standards, and are a vehicle of choice for your heavy duty dump truck needs.

Key Characteristics
1. Beautiful: our dump truck is a newly-designed Hongyan heavy truck, which features European style and leads the trend of fashion.
2. Comfortable: semi-floating cab featuring adjustable seat and saloon car interior is vibration-proof, spacious, luxury, and offer the driver a high level of comfort.
3. Safe: our dump truck is equipped with a solid chassis for high carrying capacity, besides, it has passed the frontal-impact crash test, so you can feel secure in using it.
4. Efficient: it is built to satisfy the specific requirement of the market, being powerful and reliable.
5. Economical: low fuel consumption results in low operating costs.
6. Application: our tipper can be used for transporting material under various working conditions.
7. Hongyan cast steel axles are used for high bearing capacity and great durability.
8. New type air intake system can effectively reduce fuel consumption, thus saving operating costs.
9. The use of integrated combination instrument, contact-type weak-current sensor, CAN bus fault automatic detection and driving state recording system makes our Euro III dump truck unparalleled.
10. New electrical connectors, which are airtight, waterproof and dustproof, can greatly improve the reliability of the electrical system. New-structure headlights are also used for high brightness.
11. 865×317 high-strength alloy frame adopts ladder-type structure for reliable strength and rigidity, thereby improving anti-bending, anti-torsion strength.
12. Our dump truck uses self-adjusting arm, self-lubricating gasket and adopts Germany WABCOABS system, resulting in low maintenance, high reliability and ease of use.

Established in 1965, SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN Commercial Vehicle Company is a heavy duty truck manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. This experience has taught us how to improve quality, but also on how to control costs. Through our consistent efforts over the past years, now we are able to offer customers high quality heavy duty trucks at economical prices. In addition, we also provide complete customer service, making you feel secure in your purchase.
If you are in need of more information on our cargo trucks, tractor trucks, or other vehicles, please contact us directly. Our staff will happily help you!

Heavy Duty Truck
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